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29 Aug 2017

A Queer day indeed

Working in community engagement with arts, poignant and moving are words I encounter quite a bit. They more than aptly describe my day in Liverpool to have a preview of the latest exhibition “Coming Out”.

The group outside the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool

There is a moment for me – I call it the golden hour – when months of research, meeting great people, correspondence and planning comes together. Having seen parts of the collection on paper, in books or on a screen, there really is no other moment like it when suddenly the originals are in front of you. You’re in the space, sharing it with learners and visitors having both similar and different reactions.

It’s no longer a conversation; it’s now a memory and a feeling.

Select of artworks by Linder on display in the Coming Out exhibition

It was a pleasure and privilege to see the exhibition before it opens, and to share that with members of Unmuted and Birmingham LGBT Ageing Better. All this on the anniversary of partial decriminalisation…poignant and moving.

Congratulations to a fantastic team in Liverpool for their kindness, cake and time. You’ve made something beautiful and I look forward to carrying on that legacy with our learners here when the exhibition arrives in Birmingham.

Talk by staff from the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool

Coming Out: Sexuality, Gender and Identity opens at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery on 2nd December 2017 and will be on display until 15th April 2018.