5 Oct 2016

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery promotes the work of award-winning Birmingham artist

Artworks by Birmingham artist Reuben Colley are now available for sale at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Reuben Colley was born in Birmingham in 1976 and is renowned for his paintings of the city. He has a long association with Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. In 2003, he became one of the youngest living artists to see his work enter the museum’s permanent collection. Colley’s work has since featured in exhibitions and displays at the museum, and he has won awards in the Birmingham Open and West Midlands Open art competitions.

Colley ‘has the crucial eye for an image, and a natural gift for composition. His paintings are serious but far from solemn; indeed, they are full of a sense of wonder; even of joy, at the very act of artistic creation. They are the real thing’ (Robin Simon, Editor of the British Art Journal). While Reuben Colley’s original paintings are now eagerly snapped up by collectors both in the UK and abroad, signed limited editions of his work are also highly sought-after. 

Selected signed limited editions of Colley’s ‘City Living’ collections, which depict Birmingham city centre, are now on display in the Bridge Cafe in Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. There are 25 ‘City Living’ limited editions available, and the full range can be ordered through the museum shop. Each sale will contribute to the work of Birmingham Museums Trust.

Reuben Colley often finds beauty in unexpected places. His most recent ‘City Living’ paintings focus upon New Street and Corporation Street after a rainstorm. In Colley’s own words, ‘Rain emphasises the colours in the city. The light conditions and reflections create a visual drama which brings the city to life’.

Image credits: 

  • Bullring Winter - City Living Collection II. Copyright © Reuben Colley
  • New Street Rain V - City Living Collection II. Copyright © Reuben Colley