19 Jan 2017

Easy 'Night in the Museum' Recipe

Are you wondering how to master your approach to Night in the Museum ? Read on and follow my fail proof recipe for cooking up a great understanding and tucking into a delicious experience!

Serves: All

Time: As long as you have

Ingredients and Utensils:

  • 1 x form of camera device
  • 1 x sketchbook and pencil (for note taking and sketching of course)
  • 7 handfuls of an open mind
  • a hint of scepticism (optional)
  • several informed opinions 
  • an abundance of humour*

*subject to individual preference (and taste buds)

  1. Enter Gas Hall and observe Night in the Museum, ensuring you use all of your scepticism in one go at this stage of the method. It is important that is sieved and dissolved in the first stage of this recipe.
  2. Use part of your open mind to inform an opinion about the exhibition whilst walking around the space. Remember to distribute enough open mind to each piece, ensuring you have some leftover to cover the whole space in general. This is a vital part of the recipe.
  3. Use notepad, fine pencil and camera to your own discretion. Some Instagram filters work better than others. For instance, choose the Amaro filter to infuse a gorgeous contrast of colours in Roger Hiorns work, but experiment with filters to discover your favoured result!
Adjust this versatile Night in the Museum recipe to suit your tastes by using different varieties of approach, and amp up the flavour by speaking to gallery assistants or surrounding visitors, this gives the end result a bit of an edge!