23 Feb 2017

Volunteering with Ignite Take Two

Howdy y’all, Becky here! I’ve been part of Birmingham Museums’ Youth Forum Ignite for over a year, and I’ve got up to some pretty amazing things during that time. Here are my top four events which are sure to delight & astonish.

In at number 4 is…Film making
For our film project, we chose an object worthy of screen time. My group settled on the statue of Lucifer by Epstein; it is such an interesting piece. For example, did you know that the statue is comprised of a male body and female head? It creates a very ethereal feel to Lucifer, and captured our imagination. So, our film would focus on Lucifer, but what else? This was a question we pondered for an age (about ten minutes), until suddenly, like a spark of inspiration, it hit us! (Not literally of course) We used lines from Milton’s Paradise Lost, as Epstein was inspired by the epic poem. A few members of the unsuspecting, but terribly obliging, public were interviewed and they all loved Lucifer, as do I!

Filming the statue of Lucifer by Epstein

Next at number 3 we have…West Midlands Volunteer Awards 2016
Across the West Midlands I was a finalist for the Young People Volunteer Award. The event, held at Birmingham Hippodrome, was packed full of musical interludes and the comedy stylings of Impropera presents Muso (they’re a group which perform improv scenes with opera, it’s hard to explain) who were just hilarious! Although I didn’t win, it was an incredible night, surrounded by like-minded people who all enjoy volunteering as much as I do.

Team Birmingham Museums Trust at the West Midlands Volunteer Awards 2016

Coming in at number 2 it’s…The City of Ink Project
This is Ignite’s current task, and recently we held a “Snap that Tatt” event, in which we took photos of people’s tattoos and gathered the public’s thoughts on body art. Surely, the 4th of February 2017, shall go down in history as a day of celebrating a most unique art form like no other. Over three hours, we had more than 140 people clamber through the doors and we took around 120 photos of tattoos to be used in our (whisper it now) top secret new exhibit! (I’ve said too much!)

Becky drawing the City of Ink logo design

Before we reach number 1, the very pinnacle of volunteering prowess, the bastion of brilliance, the Mount Everest of museum excitement, here are some other honourable mentions. The day round the Museum Collection Centre was fab-u-lous and very informative. Also, our day trip to the Pitt-Rivers Museum was great fun. Anyway, onto the main event, drum roll please…

Finally, at the top spot we have…The Van Dyck Tour
So, if you’ve read my first blog  then you can probably tell that tours are my thing. The prep for them, discovering the little facts that you’ll never need in real life situations, the hours spent remembering the history, waking up in the middle of the night screaming because you dreamed that you started referring to the great artist as Dick Van Dyke… Sorry, went off topic there… Anyway, focusing on one of the masters of portraiture was a dream come true; the artworks we examined were all wonderful. The tour was a great success, we were a ‘tour’ de force, it was tour-ific! (These jokes are tour-turous!)

Tour of the Van Dyck exhibition

So, there you have it folks, a rundown of what are some of the best things about being a part of Ignite. Please feel free to come and check out our current project and exhibit, tell them Becky sent you!

If you are interested in volunteering for Birmingham Museums then take a look at the current volunteering opportunities we have available across all our sites.