17 Feb 2019

Volunteering as a Heritage Interpreter at Sarehole Mill

Hello - my name is Elinor and I volunteer as a Heritage Interpreter at Sarehole Mill. I have been volunteering there since I was an undergraduate creative writing student at the University of Birmingham; I am now completing an MA at the Shakespeare Institute, and still enjoy spending my time at Sarehole.

Despite being right in the heart of the city, Sarehole Mill is a green idyll which preserves the rural heritage which preceded Birmingham’s better-known industrial past. Walking across the courtyard, through the Mill, or around the mill pool, you experience a little of what the young Ronald Tolkien must have felt in this, his childhood playground. Read More...

15 Feb 2019

Volunteering on Birmingham Heritage Week

Volunteering is beneficial to the busy life of a student for a number of reasons; the flexible hours, a much-needed break from studying and the development of those all-important skills needed to impress future employers. Therefore, after finishing my first year of university and with the long summer break looming, I decided to gain as much experience as possible in my spare time.

When the opportunity arose to volunteer on a slightly more unusual Birmingham Museums Trust project, I jumped at the chance. What I wasn’t expecting was to become so immersed in the work that when the project ended I felt incredibly proud to have been part of this unique and rewarding experience. Read More...

13 Feb 2019

Volunteering Behind the Scenes

Hello, my name is Emily and I am currently studying for my Masters in Antiquity following the Classical Archaeology pathway at the University of Birmingham. I began volunteering for the Conservation Club in October 2018, and loved it so much that I took on a second volunteering role as an Archaeological Finds Recording Assistant in January 2019.

As a member of the volunteer Conservation Club I am given the opportunity to visit five of the heritage sites within the Birmingham Museums Trust as well as the Museum Collection Centre. We give each of the sites a top to bottom deep clean to help with the conservation of the building and the objects within it. Conservation is an aspect of the museum world that has always fascinated me, so it is a lot of fun being able to see what goes into preventing things from being damaged. Also, being able to handle the artefacts visitors aren’t allowed to is pretty neat. Read More...

11 Feb 2019

Student Volunteering Week 2019

Whenever February comes around the corner I always get excited about National Student Volunteering Week! This is the week of the year when we really shout out about all those brilliant members of our volunteer team who are busy doing lots of studying too.

To celebrate Student Volunteering Week each year we announce Birmingham Museums Trust’s Student Volunteer of the Year. The 2019 winner has volunteered with us for two years as a Heritage Interpreter at Sarehole Mill. So huge congratulations to Elinor Cole and a huge thank you from all of us here at Birmingham Museums for your time, passion and dedication to volunteering with us.  Read More...

7 Jun 2018

Volunteering on Inspire 2018

Hello! I am Deminder, and I have been volunteering at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and supporting Inspire 18, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery’s youth art competition. This is the third year of the competition and the theme this year has been ‘We Heart Colour!’. It is a competition for young people between the ages of 5 and 19.


5 Jun 2018

Volunteering at Soho House

Hi I’m Jack, I’ve been a volunteer at Soho House Museum for a couple of years now. I was inspired to volunteer by an open day held at Soho House which highlighted volunteer opportunities at all of Birmingham Museums Trust’s sites.

It is such a privilege to be a volunteer here where the sense of history is ever present and the staff are so friendly and supportive. It is such an important site, in my opinion, for four reasons: Read More...

3 Jun 2018

Volunteering at Aston Hall 2018

Hi, I’m Gayle and I have been a volunteer Heritage Interpreter at Aston Hall since April 2014. I was very proud to receive my three year service award last Christmas.


1 Jun 2018

Happy Volunteers’ Week 2018!

From the 1st June to the 7th June it is National Volunteers’ Week; a special week in the year when we really shout out about all the amazing work of our volunteers and say a huge thank you for their support, passion and dedication.

But volunteering across Birmingham Museums doesn’t just happen during this one week of the year, our team support us every month to enhance what we are able to do and we are so lucky to have them. They really do make a massive difference. Our team work behind the scenes, mill, garden, engage visitors, support projects and much, much more. But don’t just hear about it from me; this week we have three new blogs coming up and you can find out about volunteering at Aston Hall from Gayle, learn about what it is like to welcome visitors to Soho House from Jack and discover about Deminder’s role as a Youth Art Competition Assistant. Read More...

22 Feb 2018

Volunteering as an Engagement Assistant

My name is Rosie and I am part of the volunteer team here at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. I first started volunteering in the Story Lab Exhibition, ‘The Past is Now: Birmingham and the British Empire’, back in October 2017.

My role as a volunteer in this exhibition was to encourage visitors to engage with the exhibitions exploration of the British Empire through conversation and written feedback. This was an amazing opportunity to talk to visitors about their perspective of the colonial narrative typically used to present its history, and whether they believed the exhibition challenged that. I had no idea that I would be engaging with visitors with stories of their own, who were really able to connect with the objects and art on display, and learn so much from our discussions. Read More...

21 Feb 2018

Volunteering in Conservation Club

My name is Tabassum and I am currently in my final year of studying Ancient History and Archaeology at University. I first volunteered with Birmingham Museums as a Summer Activities Assistant in 2017, but because I enjoyed working with the museum so much I later applied to be part of the Conservation Club.

I chose to volunteer with Birmingham Museums as I wanted to gain some volunteering experience before leaving university. Whilst I was volunteering as a Summer Activities Assistant - a one week volunteering role over the summer holidays - I was given the opportunity to set up and move around the items on the object handling display table, meant for visitors to engage with. This was significant to me, as I have always wanted to work in a museum as a curator, but there are not always a lot of opportunities available for students to work in this environment. The role also involved approaching visitors to come and see the display table. This helped to boost my confidence and my people skills. I began the week with very little confidence and I left with a lot more confidence! Read More...