13 Jul 2018

The Weird and the Wonderful: My Time at the Museum Collection Centre

Hello everyone, my name is Cai and from January until April, I was the Collections and Storage Trainee for Birmingham Museums Trust (BMT) based at the Museum Collection Centre (MCC), where I got to handle – you guessed it – the weird and the wonderful.

My internship was through the University of Birmingham, where I am a masters student studying History of Art, and its Experience Heritage Scheme, and experience heritage I did! I applied for the internship because I was intrigued by the potential to interact with historical objects, through cataloguing, handling, and visual assessment, and because I was keen to get a behind the scenes look at the collections.  Read More...

10 Jul 2018

Walls Have Ears - Reflecting on Windrush

Guest blog post by community activist and freelance museum professional Charlotte Holmes.

Walls Have Ears: 400 Years of Change is an exhibition of contemporary portraiture from the Arts Council Collection that presents an alternative view of Aston Hall, in celebration of its 400th anniversary. This year also marks 70th anniversary of the iconic voyage of the Empire Windrush, which has come to symbolise post war Caribbean migration to the United Kingdom. In honour of these anniversaries, I recorded a podcast with community activist and elder Mrs McGhie Belgrave MBE and Linda Sutherland.  Read More...

7 Jun 2018

Volunteering on Inspire 2018

Hello! I am Deminder, and I have been volunteering at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and supporting Inspire 18, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery’s youth art competition. This is the third year of the competition and the theme this year has been ‘We Heart Colour!’. It is a competition for young people between the ages of 5 and 19.


5 Jun 2018

Volunteering at Soho House

Hi I’m Jack, I’ve been a volunteer at Soho House Museum for a couple of years now. I was inspired to volunteer by an open day held at Soho House which highlighted volunteer opportunities at all of Birmingham Museums Trust’s sites.

It is such a privilege to be a volunteer here where the sense of history is ever present and the staff are so friendly and supportive. It is such an important site, in my opinion, for four reasons: Read More...

3 Jun 2018

Volunteering at Aston Hall 2018

Hi, I’m Gayle and I have been a volunteer Heritage Interpreter at Aston Hall since April 2014. I was very proud to receive my three year service award last Christmas.


1 Jun 2018

Suffrage Flag in Birmingham

We are delighted to be hosting the Suffrage Flag at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery today as it travels the country on a national tour.

Organised by the Civil Service the flag has so far travelled around different government departments, Wales and has even spent the day with our friends at Birmingham City Council earlier in the week. Read More...

1 Jun 2018

Happy Volunteers’ Week 2018!

From the 1st June to the 7th June it is National Volunteers’ Week; a special week in the year when we really shout out about all the amazing work of our volunteers and say a huge thank you for their support, passion and dedication.

But volunteering across Birmingham Museums doesn’t just happen during this one week of the year, our team support us every month to enhance what we are able to do and we are so lucky to have them. They really do make a massive difference. Our team work behind the scenes, mill, garden, engage visitors, support projects and much, much more. But don’t just hear about it from me; this week we have three new blogs coming up and you can find out about volunteering at Aston Hall from Gayle, learn about what it is like to welcome visitors to Soho House from Jack and discover about Deminder’s role as a Youth Art Competition Assistant. Read More...

31 May 2018

Buddha Day 2018

Last Saturday we were delighted to host the annual Buddha Day event here in Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. The Museum has hosted Buddha Day for around 15 years and it is always an incredibly special day for us and for the Faith Gallery. 

The day is timed to coincide with the birthday of Siddhartha Gautama, who would one day become known as Buddha, which this year was around 22nd May (the date varies depending on the denomination of Buddhism). Read More...

28 May 2018

An Unusual Delivery - The Day Birmingham Received a Dinosaur

Excitement has been growing leading up to the arrival of The Natural History Museum’s famous Diplodocus, who has taken a road trip to Birmingham. However, back in 1955 it was the arrival of the skull of another dinosaur to Birmingham which was making the news. This was a Triceratops skull which had been acquired from the American Museum of Natural History, and was discovered in 1908 in the Badlands of centre Montana.


18 May 2018

School Residency Project with Hall Green Primary School

Birmingham Museums Trust has started an exciting new Schools in Residence project working with local schools to help them engage and connect with their local history.

At Sarehole Mill we have worked closely with Hall Green primary school for a number of years and so we invited them to be our first School in Residence. Read More...