Birmingham Museums is delighted to partner with Near Neighbours for our third event celebrating Birmingham Women on International Women’s Day.

This year's programme features stories of 'Women's Journeys'. Civilization has been shaped by the movement of people, and women throughout history have journeyed across the globe seeking better lives for themselves and their families. We celebrate and share these stories through this  special event.

Celebrate: Community Showcase

12.00 - 16.00

Explore the work of local charities and organisations who work with and support migrating communities. Including performances on the hour by artists who work with or are themselves refugees. Take part in creative activities allowing you to share your own story or learn more about migration though art.  

In the Industrial Gallery.

No booking necessary, just drop in.

Tell me a Story

18.00 - 19.00

‘Tell me a Story’ aims to bring together women of diverse backgrounds in Birmingham to share stories that celebrate them and their journeys.  Continuing with the theme of ‘Migration’ and we will hear from women who have migrated and settled in Birmingham. By working with a storyteller these women have built the confidence to explore and share their story for the final section of the day.

In the Edwardian Tearooms. Tea and coffee available. 

Pre-booking for this event is advised.