Every Monday throughout the summer holiday create your own art in the lab space! Try technology inspired crafts, light drawing, photography, digital drawing, sound experiments and much more.

These session takes place every Monday from 31st July - 28th August, from 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm.

Each week we will try a new way of making art using technology, with some very cool results.

FREE drop in sessions and suitable for ages 6 plus. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Monday 7th Aug: Make a Flying Bird

In our gallery you’ll hear the sound of birds in the morning, we challenge you to make a flying bird! We’ll give you paper and glue, pens and paper, a motor and battery. Can you build a bird that will fly across the floor powered by a motor? We’ll show you how. (Activity inspired by Marcus Coates).

Monday 14th Aug: Put yourself in the Picture 

Can you draw a picture you can fit into? Think of an amazing scene you’d like to be in and draw it. Then using a camera we will photograph you and add your photo to the picture. Your challenge is to draw the picture, work out a cool pose and how you want to look inside it, and join us in the photo booth. (Activity inspired by Toby Ziegler).

Monday 21st Aug: Build a Light Up Robot

We challenge you to build a robot that wiggles and moves; we’ve got the kits and will show you how. Attach lights to your robot and then step back as it makes a very special drawing for you in long exposure photography – so cool! (Activity inspired by microchip work various artists).

Monday 28th Aug: Build your own Light Up Spaceship   

Come and join us to design and build your own spaceship. Then add your own alien, we challenge you to add lights and make the ship light up! (Activity inspired by Stephan Gec).

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