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A Saint of the Eastern Church (formerly called A Greek Acolyte)

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Half-length Standing Figure Of A Young Man, Facing Front; Haloed Head With Long, Straight, Dark Hair Falling Behind Shoulders And Downy Moustache. Wearing Lustrous Vestments And A Sash With Lettering Over His Left Shoulder. Holding A Censer Of Burning Incense In His Left Hand And A Flowering Branch Upright In His Right. Figure Positioned Centrally Inside A Building With Two Columns In The Background To His Left And Right; Two Lit Lamps Hanging Down, One In The Top Left And One In The Top Right.

Item Details

  • Accession Number: 1900P1
  • Artist: Simeon Solomon (Artist)
  • Date: 1867 - 1868
  • Medium: Watercolour Over Pencil With Gum, On Paper

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