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King Lear

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Sketch of Lear questioning Cordelia / Alfred the Great - Compositional Sketches - Recto: In A Room With Tall Arched Windows, King Lear Sits On A Raised Throne Holding A Sceptre In His Right Hand And An Orb In His Left, Leaning Towards Cordelia Who Stands On The Right. Between Them Is A Map And A Male Figure. Behind Cordelia Is Another Figure, Only Slightly Drawn. To The Left Are Goneril, Regan And Cordelia In Pencil, Regan With Her Hand Outstretched And Cordelia Only Faintly Drawn. Above This Are Three Figures, In Pencil. In The Centre Is A Female Figure Restrained By The Two Figures Either Side Of Her, Both Faintly Drawn. Verso: Seated King Alfred Surrounded By Figures. In His Right Hand He Holds A Stick And Is Drawing With It On The Ground. His Left Hand Is Stretched Out To The Side. On The Right In Front Of Him Is A Male Figure Is Bending Over And Pointing To The Diagram That Has Been Drawn. This Figure Is Sketched By Itself In The Top Right-hand Corner. To The Left Of This Figure Are A Figure Reclining And Two Figures Sitting Together.

Item Details

  • Accession Number: 1906P754
  • Artist: Ford Madox Brown (Artist)
  • Date: 1843 - 1845
  • Medium: Iron Gall Pen And Ink Over Pencil On Paper

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