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Chaucer at the Court of Edward III

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Eight early Studies of Figures and Hands - Top Row From Left: Right Hand, Wrist Curved Round And Index Finger Pointing. Full-Length-seated Figure Of Edward Iii, Turned To Left, In Profile, Bearded, Wearing A Hat And Hands Resting On Lap. Quarter-Length Bearded Male Figure In Profile To The Right. Left Hand And Wrist, Seen From Top, Fingers Curved Under, With Visible Veins. Head Of Bearded Man In Profile To The Right, Wearing Crown Of Leaves. Bottom Row From Left: Three-Quarter Length Seated Man. Almost Full-face, Looking Down, Bent Over With Hands On Knees, Bearded And Wearing A Crown Made Of Flower Shapes. Full-Length Figure Of A Page Boy, Wearing A Hat. He Is Seated, Right Leg Resting On Left Knee, Bending Over With Head On Knees. Full-Length Male Figure Crouched On Ground. In Profile To The Left Looking Up. Right Elbow Resting On Right Knee, Left Arm Between Legs Holding A Stick. Some Faint Writing Top Left And Right.

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