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Cupid and Psyche

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Psyche at the Gate of Olympus, is offered the Cup of Immortality - Four Figures In A Verdant Landscape. On The Right, Standing Beyond The Threshold Of A Stone Building With Ornamented Door, Is A Full-Length Robed Winged Man, With A Halo, Holding A Bow And Arrows In His Right Hand, Left Hand Clutching A Full-Length Robed Woman, Enfolded In His Left Wing. In The Middle Is Another Full-Length, Fully Robed Man With Wings, Holding A Caduceus, And Wearing A Helmet With Wings, Surrounded By A Halo. Walking To Greet Them All In Right Profile, Is A Loosely-Clad Woman, Right Shoulder Exposed, Holding Out A Cup.

Item Details

  • Accession Number: 1913P197
  • Artist: Edward Burne-Jones (Artist)
  • Date: 1880
  • Medium: Wood Engraving Printed In Black On Laid Michallet Paper

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