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The Sorceress Morgan-le-fay Turned To The Left And Wearing A Green Robe With Various Additional Layers Including A Yellow Apron Decorated With Pict Symbols And A Leopard Skin. Her Head Is Tilted Slightly Backwards. She Is Looking Down At An Open Book On The Ground And Has Her Mouth Open As If Speaking. Her Arms Are Stretched Out In Front Of Ther And She Holds A Lit Dragon-shaped Lamp In Her Right Hand. In Front Of Her Is Black Robe With Red Details Draped Over The Top Of A Dresser. Small Tongues Of Flame Sprout From The Draped Robe. Between Morgan And The Robe Is A Lit Tripod Brazier And Behind This Is A Frienze Decorated With Egyptian Animal Gods And Japanese Roundels. On The Right Behind Morgan Le Fay Is A Loom With Two Owls Nestling On Top Of It.

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