Sleepovers are all night events for groups who want an alternative museum experience. Combining many aspects of our offer, they are an exciting and unique learning experience. 

A sleepover is a custom-made event and we will work with you to create your perfect night. In the past we have run events for Scouts wanting to complete their Astronomy badge as well as schools wanting to cover the Darwin 200 celebrations, but we can target any learning opportunities that you have. 

A typical sleepover includes: 

  • Workshops 
  • Time within the galleries
  • Planetarium show
  • Science show 
  • Visit to the shop


Sleepovers are open to single large groups and at set occasions throughout the year for 3 - 5 smaller groups of 30. In order to run a sleepover, we need between 100 and 150 children plus their associated adults (at least one adult for every ten children). 

During your sleepover the core staff that you will interact with are our highly experienced Museum Enablers and Learning Officers. In general, these staff have DBS disclosures but our Child Protection Policy does not permit us to be left alone with any child at any time, as such we insist on at least one adult per ten children being present all of the time.


We offer sleepovers over the year on set dates, usually on Friday and Saturday nights.

A typical sleepover starts around 6pm in the evening, lights out around midnight and a wakeup call at 7am. We ask groups to be out of the museum for 9am to allow us to prepare the museum for opening at 10am. For a more detailed timetable download a typical itinerary (PDF).


Sleepovers happen within Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum, situated in Millennium point. Thinktank is secured from access and egress and we hire additional security to stay awake within the museum all night.

Sleeping takes place on the museum floor, in amongst the steam engines and other heritage exhibits. We can split genders by floor if you wish. Some of the lighting is emergency lighting that cannot be switched off, meaning that some areas are darker than others. We leave the exact sleeping arrangements up to you and your children, depending on how adventurous you are!


A sleepover costs £35 per head for children and adults, with one adult in ten going free. This cost includes all activities and breakfast bags. Dinner bags can be arranged for an additional cost of £6.30.

How to book

Choose a date from the list below and contact our bookings team with your initial enquiry on 0121 348 8001 or email

Prior to booking please read the sleepover terms and conditions (PDF).

Available sleepover dates 


  • Fri 18th or Sat 19th May 2018
  • Fri 8th or Sat 9th June 2018
  • Fri 22nd or Sat 23rd June 2018 - For x 3 groups of 30
  • Fri 20th or Sat 21st July 2018
  • Fri 17th or Sat 18th August 2018
  • Fri 31st August or Sat 1st September 2018
  • Fri 21st or Sat 22nd September 2018
  • Fri 5th or Sat 6th October 2018