Arrows of Time - A Tribute to Dr Who

Not one, but ten Doctors battle it out with their darkest enemy ever, in this first multi-Doctor, multi-verse, fulldome planetarium show. Prepare to be taken an adventure as the Doctors battle The Given, an evil force older than the universe itself, in a desperate attempt to thwart his plans and save the universe from total destruction.

This tribute to Dr Who, features animated biometric talking avatars, stunning visuals, and a brand new story culminating in the ultimate tribute to the world’s favourite sci-fi hero. Featuring the amazing voice talents of Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor, as The Narrator; John Guilor, the voice of the First Doctor in the BBC’s official fiftieth-anniversary story, “The Day of the Doctor”; Jacob Dudman, Big Finish’s newest star; Christopher Thomson; Peter Walsh and Elliott Crossley. Fifty years of the time lord’s words, translated into Latin, the most universal of languages, combined with celestial music form a powerful oratorio.

Show duration 35 min. 

Entry via level 3 Event Suite (Millennium Point Atrium)
Thinktank Science Museum
Millennium Point
Curzon Street
B4 7XG

Doors open 6.50pm and the evening will start with a 15min tour of the night sky by Planetarium Officer, Colin Hutcheson.  Owing to the layout of the building, there will be no late entry after 7pm.  This event must also be pre-booked.

In association with Immersive Experiences; Produced by Brno observatory and Planetarium and Stranger in the Alps Productions

Book online or 0121 348 8263 (10am-4.45pm)