There are variety of planetarium shows on throughout the weekend. Planetarium shows are £1.50 per person in addition to the Thinktank admission price. Tickets should be purchased at the ticket desk on arrival.

Wonders of the Universe (Subtitled)


Peer deep into the Cosmos with the Hubble Space Telescope and travel back billions of years in time.
Show duration 20min

Space Gazers


A chance to view the stunning views from telescopes and spacecraft of the solar system and beyond with music by Johan Monell. This show has no narration and aimed at under 8s so could be noisy.
Show duration 10min
Image of ALMA radio telescopes courtesy of ESO/T.Matsopoulos

Seasonal Stars - Spring

12noon, 2pm, 3pm, 3.30pm

Planetarium Show about easy-to-see objects in this season's sky; includes how to find the North Star, how to identify a satellite and find some of the seasonal constellations.
Show duration 20 min*
*20 min show includes Solar System Adventure, a trip looking at some of the highlights of the solar system.

The Future is Wild


Have you ever wondered what life on Earth might look like five million years from now? Or how about life on Earth 100 million years into the future - or maybe twice that far?  Encounter fascinating creatures from the future as we examine the endless possible adaptations of plants and animals attempting to survive the Earth's ever-changing environmental conditions.
Show duration 25min

We Are Aliens


Join scientists in the hunt for real aliens. Discover how robots are cleverly programmed to fly to alien worlds and land on their own. Will we ever encounter intelligent life in our galaxy? Are we perhaps alone in the Universe?
Show duration 25min

Programme subject to change owing to group bookings