Science meets literature in our Planetarium! Join us for an evening of star gazing as Dr Pippa Goldschmidt discusses the connections between astronomy and literature. This event is in association with The Big Read, and is aimed at adults and older teenagers.

Novelists, poets and playwrights, including John Banville, Bertolt Brecht and Edwin Morgan, have long been inspired by astronomy and space science. Some literary works are quasi-biographical and examine the lives of real astronomers, others take inspiration from the science. Dr Pippa Goldschmidt will talk about the different aspects of astronomy that have been explored in literature and discuss how they are represented.

Pippa Goldschmidt used to be an astronomer at Imperial College, and is now a writer. She’s the author of the novel ‘The Falling Sky’ and the collection of short stories ‘The Need for Better Regulation of Outer Space’. Her short stories, articles and poetry have been published in a variety of publications, including the Independent and the New York Times, as well as broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

The event starts at 7.30pm, but there is a pre-show drink, so we advise visitors to arrive for 7.00pm.

To book tickets, call 0121 348 8263.