Policies, Plans and Reports

Our policies, plans and reports can be downloaded. All documents are PDFs unless otherwise stated. Alternative formats can be supplied on request. 

Business Plan

Birmingham Museum Trust Ten Year Strategy (under review)

Annual Reports

Birmingham Museums Trust Annual Report 2019-20

Birmingham Museums Trust Annual Report 2018-19

Birmingham Museums Trust Annual Report 2017-18


Collection Development Policy 2020-2025

Collections Management Framework

Comments, Compliments & Complaints Policy and Form 

Concessions Policy (HTML)

Lending Guidelines and Procedures

Online Safety Policy and Procedures (HTML)

Privacy Policy  (HTML)

Public Task Statement (HTML)

Safeguarding Policy  (HTML)

Standards for Deposition of Archaeological Archives

Volunteer Privacy Notice

Work Experience Privacy Notice

Equality and Diversity

Birmingham Museums Trust Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Access Information for Visitors

We are currently updating our access information. If you have any queries please email hello@birminghammuseums.org.uk

Up-to-date access information can be found on the following pages:

Climate Change

Our Climate Pledge (HTML)