Family Day Out

At Aston Hall families can enjoy a fun-filled day out with children, whatever the age. Here are just a few highlights:

In every room, look out for questions and mini-challenges to help little ones explore the fascinating features of our grand old mansion.

Use our activity packs to keep the whole family engaged. You will have fun as you draw, search and play around the Hall and gardens. Each pack includes:
  • A pencil
  • Colouring pencils
  • Activities to do in the Hall and gardens
  • Drawing challenges
  • Your own museum detective badge and much more!

Buy an activity pack for just £3, available to pre-order online or purchase on the day.

Put your best foot forward and count how many steps it takes to get from one end of the Long Gallery to the other.

Learn how the Hall was attacked in the Civil War and see if you can find the hole on the Great Stairs made by a real cannonball!

Don’t forget to look up and keep your eyes peeled throughout the house to spot the animals on the ceilings. And be prepared to come face-to-face with a tiger in the Johnson Room!

Bring a sketch book and draw Aston Hall with its fabulous turrets, chimneys and clock tower. Or act out your own fairy tale on the oval lawn in front of the Hall.

Skip along the paths in Lady Holte’s Garden and follow the channels of the water feature. Or head to the North Garden for a picnic on the lawn and a game of hide and seek.

Whatever ignites your imagination there’s always a cup of tea and an ice cream at the end of your visit in the Stable Yard Café.