A drop-dead fun mystery trail for families and those young at heart. Visit the Hall and see if you can solve the devilish puzzle!


Time travel is real and the past can be changed. Little changes don’t matter very much as nobody notices them, but big changes can have big impact. 

Three days ago, on the 1st January 2047, somebody broke into the offices of Time Lines – a company which offers holidays through time – and has used their Time Tunnel to go back into the past. Their plan is clear; to change history, and for the worst. The tunnel was set to 1858, just days before Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited to open Aston Hall as a museum. Whoever travelled through time has been in 1585 for no more than a few weeks.

They plan to kill Queen Victoria, which would be a big change to history. It would prevent the Queen from opening the hall, which would allow a property developer to buy the land and destroy the building. 

The time-traveling would-be assassin must be identified and stopped. Join the Temporal Protection Service and travel back to 1858 to find the assassin, to save Queen Victoria, and to make sure Aston Hall remains a museum!

Victorian costume is greatly encouraged but not essential.

Usual admission charges apply. Pre-booking is advisable; however, you can turn up and pay for your entrance on the day. This event is free to Birmingham Museums members. 

The Hall is open from 12pm and closes at 4pm, with last admission at 3pm. Our gift shop and café are open from 11am until 4pm. We recommend entering the Hall before 3pm to allow time to solve the crime.

Accessibility: please note that some of suspects will be located on the upper floors of the Hall, which are accessed by stairs only.