Blakesley Hall is a picture-perfect timber-framed Tudor house which is situated just a few miles from the centre of Birmingham.

The beautiful Elizabethan house is one of Birmingham’s oldest and most historically significant buildings. It was built over 430 years ago in 1590 by Richard Smalbroke, a member of one of Birmingham’s leading merchant families.

Visitors to Blakesley Hall can step back in time to discover what life was like for a wealthy family during the Tudor time; when Elizabeth I was on the throne and Shakespeare was writing his plays.

Inside, visitors can see many original features of this beautiful building including the painted chamber whose secrets were hidden until WWII bomb damage revealed the original painted walls from 1590. Other highlights include the atmospheric Great Parlour, the Great Hall and the Long Gallery which is an unusual feature in this type of house. The house is furnished using an inventory taken in the 17th century and reflects the lifestyle of a wealthy family of the late Tudor and Stuart period of English history. See Inside Blakesley Hall with our 360° photos.

Blakesley Hall is nestled in a quiet Birmingham street and is a secluded oasis of calm. Visitors can wander through the beautiful gardens and visit the traditional herb garden, similar to the one the Smalbroke family would have had in Tudor times. The orchard and grounds are a peaceful haven for butterflies, birds and other wildlife. Visitors can explore the different varieties of fruit trees in the gardens and can picnic in the grounds or visit the hall’s Herb Garden Café.

Blakesley Hall also hosts a programme of family activities and events, see the What's On for details.

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