Help our bees to survive by making cob bricks!  Join our Learning Officer in this messy, hands on activity in the gardens of the Hall to make your very own home for solitary bees. Take it home or donate it for use on our site.

Our Nature Explorers session encourage children and their grown ups to get hands on with nature in the grounds of Blakesley Hall and the wider area.

Why make cob bricks?

In the UK there are many types of bees, some like to live in big hives and others live on their own. The ones that live on their own are called solitary bees and there are around 240 different species. Unfortunately, many solitary bees are struggling to find homes!

Luckily, this is where we can all help. If we build Cob bricks with narrow holes, we can provide safe and dry homes for our little bees. 

These cob bricks will be made from Loam (clay rich soil), barley straw, a pinch of sand and some water to help blend the ingredients. 

The making of these cob bricks may be messy, so make sure to wear suitable clothing.

Sessions are relaxed and informal, neurodivergent children are very welcome. Contact us in advance about any physical access needs and we will do our best to accommodate.

Image credit: Anthophora plumipes © Lukas Large