Join experts from the Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society in a leisurely 2.5 mile stroll around the village of Yardley to celebrate Birmingham Heritage Week.

Discover the hidden history of the area including two medieval moats that once surrounded manor houses, ridges remaining from medieval ploughing, and the historic buildings of old Yardley including (exterior only) St Edburgha’s church and the timber-framed old grammar school.

The walk will be led by Dr Mike Hodder, former Birmingham City Archaeologist, and Sue Whitehouse, who devised the Society’s ‘See it for Free’ programme, a web-based invitation to explore the archaeological sites of Birmingham and Warwickshire.

The first walk will begin at 11.30am until 1.00pm.

The second walk will begin at 2pm until 3.30pm.

The walks will begin at Blakesley Hall.

Pre-booking essential as only 25 places per walk.

Herb Garden Café and the grounds are open from 11.00am-4.00pm.

Birmingham Museums Trust is a registered charity and money raised through events like this help us care for beautiful buildings like Blakesley Hall.

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