4 Oct 2019

Be Mindful Audio Guide

Be honest, when was the last time you prioritised your mental health? We are told repeatedly that taking time to be mindful, the act of having a non-judgmental awareness of the present moment, can support good mental wellbeing but making time for this practice is not always easy! 

With this in mind, we are delighted to launch a new Audio Guide that we hope will allow you to experience Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in a completely new way. The guide leads you through the museum taking in fantastic works of art, as usual, but inviting you to use the art to support a mindful practice. Designed and narrated by Adam Dacey, the founder of Mindspace, the 30 minute audio tour gives you an opportunity to be peaceful and present while learning techniques you can take away and use in your daily life. 

"I am delighted to be sharing this mindful tour with the visitors of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. I hope you can benefit from taking this opportunity to slow down and take some time out of your day to enjoy the calm beneath the busyness of distracting thoughts.” Adam Dacey.

Stops on the tour include landmark paintings like Monte Civita by Elijah Walton, a very prominent feature in the Round Room, to lesser known works, such as The Mouth of an Estuary by George Lambert, which you may have never noticed before. We hope this encourages you to look deeper at the collection and explore different areas of the gallery to those you may usually visit. 

Monte Marmorolo, Italy by Elijah Walton 1867
Monte Civita by Elijah Walton
The Mouth Of An Estuary by George Lambert (1750-60)
The Mouth of an Estuary by George Lambert

Whether you only have a lunch hour or the whole afternoon to spend here, the tour gives you the time and space for self-care that we know is badly needed in our hectic lives. The guide is available to hire for £3 from the main reception desk at the entrance to the museum. This tour is best enjoyed with headphones, preferably noise cancelling, which we do not provide so do bring your own.

We also have a varied programme of activities and events to support positive wellbeing, find out more by visiting the Wellbeing What's On page.