9 Nov 2015

Can You Help? Share Your Stories…

In a blog post in September, we invited Birmingham people to come and have their say about the objects Birmingham Museums should be collecting. 

As a result, we have been working with two wonderful groups of people who have met monthly to talk about Birmingham stories and share ideas, memories and reflect on the incredible city we live in.

This month we need your help again as we search for objects and stories linked to the themes the two groups have decided upon. The themes are Soho Road, recreation & leisure and the urban environment. Can you help?

First up Soho Road; do you have a memory of Soho Road? Did you own a shop on Soho Road? Have you ever bought something from Soho Road? If you can answer yes to any of these questions we would love to hear from you.

We are hoping this picture, showing the road in 1910, may spark some ideas. How has the road changed since then?

Soho Road, 1910

The second two themes are much wider; recreation & leisure and the urban environment could include anything from memories of childhood toys, theatre visiting, watching the football and eating out, to stories or objects linked to the city’s iconic buildings, canals, parks or tower blocks.

To get you thinking, here are two objects which are in the city of Birmingham’s collection. This watercolour was completed in 1989 by Arthur Lockwood depicting a tower block on Nechells Parkway being demolished. Do you remember this happening? 

Nechells Parkway © Arthur Lockwood

This Chad Valley toy was manufactured in the city. Tidleywinks has been a popular toy since the 1920s but from the 1950s the use of TV characters to market toys became more common. Chad Valley secured exclusive rights to the use of Sooty. Do you remember this toy? What did you play with as a child?

Chad Valley Tidleywinks game

If you have a story or an object that you think the team might be at all interested in please get in touch with Becky at or 0121 348 8283. 

The Collecting Birmingham project has been generously supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Hlfhi Blk