14 Dec 2015

Collecting Birmingham:

Hi everyone my name is Manahil and I’m a volunteer working on the Collecting Birmingham project. As an Ambassador for the ward of Aston I thought it was about time that I shared some facts with you about the ward! Aston has been an area I have been familiar with for the last 18 years, so it seems only fitting for me to tell you a little bit about it. 

I personally find the ward such a culturally rich area with plenty of histories and stories to be revealed. From my research, it is interesting to note that Aston was once part of a parish in Warwickshire. In 1838 while Duddeston and Nechells and Deritend and Bordesley were included in the borough of Birmingham, the area known as Aston Manor stayed outside of the city. From 1869 Aston Manor was governed by Aston Manor Local Board. It became an Urban District in 1903 and was absorbed into Birmingham in 1911. 

If Aston is known for one thing today, then it is surely the Aston Villa football ground. Having cousins who are football fanatics, the Aston Villa ground is definitely a site I cannot ignore and every time a football match is brought to the ground, people from all walks of life are themselves brought together into the heart of Aston.

Aston Villa FC ground

As a volunteer with Birmingham Museums it is also impossible to ignore Aston Hall . Built by Sir Thomas Holte between 1618 and 1635, the Hall dominates the landscape and sits right next to the Aston Villa football ground today. This red-brick mansion has witnessed many historical events including aspects of the Civil War and royal visits. It is well worth a visit yourself!

Manahil in front of Aston Hall

Aston’s evolution from a collection of houses, taverns and farms in the nineteenth century into the busy ward of the city we see today remains so interesting to me. It truly shows how Aston has many, many stories to tell! I hope you are all able to share your stories of Aston with us; I can’t wait to hear them.

If you have a story or an object that you think the team might be at all interested in please get in touch with the team at  or 0121 348 8283. 

The Collecting Birmingham project has been generously supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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