10 Jan 2019

Community Garden at Blakesley Hall

Did you know there is now a community garden at Blakesley Hall? The initial idea emerged from an audience development review taken in October 2017.It was hoped such a project would widen the participation of local community groups. As the garden progressed, organisations such as the Toybox Nursery, West Midlands Police, Prince’s Trust, and Riverside Education became involved.

In March 2018 raised garden beds were financed and constructed by the Prince’s Trust working with local disadvantaged teenagers. 

On 9th May 2018 the gardens were formally opened. Maintenance will be undertaken by staff members and it is hoped that community groups will also be involved in the future. 

This will be an ongoing project which will involve various different groups. For example Riverside Education would like to provide small plants and vegetables to grow in the garden. They would then like to donate these free vegetables to the charity SIFA who deal with the homeless in Digbeth. This garden will hopefully reach a range of people from nursery age through to older age groups within the community. 

We hope the community garden will help make Blakesley Hall a hub for local community activities.

Visit Blakesley Hall to see the community garden yourself!

“An achievement for all concerned showing how diverse community groups can create a lasting legacy.” - PC Vicky Jones, Prince’s Trust.