4 Nov 2015

Faith in Birmingham:
A Gallery in the Making

A few months ago we introduced a project called Faith in Birmingham to create a new gallery exploring the range of faiths practiced in the city and explored our process of partnering with our Faith Working Group

Since then we have been hard at work starting to bring the gallery to life. We moved our wonderful Sultanganj Buddha statue into its new space. The process of moving a statue that weighs half a ton is no mean feat! But thankfully the team of professional movers made sure the process went smoothly.

The Sultanganj Buddha being moved

The Sultanganj Buddha being moved

The Buddha now stands on a brand new marble plinth accompanied by another statue of a Bodhisattva, pride of place in the new gallery.

Sultanganj Buddha on display in the new Faith gallery

We then set about to fill the space with a temporary display that will accompany the statues until the complete gallery opens in February 2016. For this we asked local faith leaders to share how they feel about the relationship between their faith and Birmingham. How does one impact on the other? We have used these quotes and simple cases of museum objects to begin the conversation about ‘Faith in Birmingham’ and we ask that our visitors join in.

Quote from Rabbi: In Birmingham my faith has been enriched by enountering people of different faiths and forming friendships with them.

Share a prayer, hope or wish on our prayer tree.

The prayer tree

Or leave a comment on the questions below.

What objects represent your beliefs?

What does Faith mean to you?

We are really keen to read your responses to help shape the gallery further so do leave a comment if you visit the gallery. 

Faith in Birmingham opens fully in February 2016.