30 Mar 2021

Hatching Dinosaur Craft

Usually at this time of year we do our dinosaur egg hunt at Thinktank, but this year, try making your own dinosaur hatching out of an egg.

Check out this really simple dinosaur craft to do with the kids.

You’ll need:

  • 2 pieces of A4 card. You can use card from an old cereal box if you want.
  • Some colouring pencils or pens.
  • Some scissors.
  • Some sticky tape.

How to:

  1. First draw out an egg on one piece of card. Draw it so it takes up as much of the page as possible.
  2. Then, cut it out.
  3. About half way up (but slightly towards the top) draw a zig zag line across the egg. Then cut along the line. This can be tricky, so ask an adult to help.
  4. Decorate your egg. I put spots on mine but you can use any design.
    Paper egg with spots cut into 2 pieces
  5. Next, get your second piece of card and draw your favourite dinosaur. Mine is a triceratops. Colour in your dinosaur and cut it out.
    Drawing of a triceratops
  6. Cut a spare strip of card and attach it to the back of the dinosaur.
  7. On the egg, on the back and right at the bottom attach a small strip of card horizontally so it makes a little pocket for the strip of card on the back of the dinosaur.
  8. Stick the top of the egg to the dinosaur’s head.
  9. Slip the strip of card at the back of the dinosaur into the pocket on the egg. 
    Back of the paper egg and dinosaur
  10. As you move the strip the dinosaur will ‘hatch’ from its egg.
    Finished dinosaur hatching from an egg

We would love to see what you make. Please tweet us @thinktankmuseum so we can see some of your incredible crafts.