26 Jan 2015

Hidden Stories

Having delivered a wonderful Teen Takeover Day in November Ignite, Thinktank’s Young People’s Forum, have recently been working on an exciting project that ties in with the new Spitfire Gallery, opening in March.

With diverse backgrounds and interests Ignite came together in December 2012 as group through which young people could have a voice within the museum, volunteer in their community and gain life-long skills. The group meets fortnightly and is responsible for every element of the projects that they work on.

Our latest project is called Hidden Stories, an art installation created by local artist Matt Reeves and the 14 teenagers that currently make up Ignite. Featuring a unique sculpture and model planes hanging from suspended wires, the piece will encourage visitors to uncover stories connecting the iconic Spitfire aircraft to other historic objects in our collection.

Thinktank Object Photography (11)
The inspiration!

The work represents a significant collaboration between the group and Matt Reeves, who was selected by Ignite to work on the project. Through a series of workshops and feedback sessions Matt has been ensuring that the piece captures the ideas of the group creating a truly unique instillation.

In the first workshop Matt encouraged the group to start thinking about the design of the sculpture that forms the central aspect of the piece. His initial inspiration was paper areoplanes, so of course the group had to have a go at making some!

Photo 6
Making paper areoplanes!

Having formed planes of different designs and sizes, the group then played around with different layouts and angles with Matt taking on board the ideas to develop his work.

Photo 10
Mocking up ideas for the sculpture
Photo 9
Ellie and Maryam talking through ideas

Photo 8

Photo 7
Naseer and Kiran with their model

In the next workshop the group then moved on to trialling ideas for how to decorate the central sculpture and hanging planes using spray paint to create some really effective designs.

Photo 2
Ellie spray painting
Photo 5
Ellie with some test runs!

The project is now moving into production phase, with the wood for the sculpture being cut into shape imminently! Check back for future posts to see how the project develops!

Hidden Stories will be on display at Thinktank from March - September 2015, on Level 1 of the museum. Entry is free to Thinktank ticket holders.