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19 Feb 2015

Hidden Stories:
Creating Spitfires

A few weeks ago I introduced the latest project that Thinktank's Young People's Forum, Ignite, are working on, an art instillation called Hidden Stories. Time has been flying by but the instillation has been making good progress, worthy of an update...

In last week's meeting the group had a very exciting arrival... 51 model Spitfires! These planes form an integral part of the instillation and will be hung from very thin wire to look as if they are flying through the air. This is an early artist impression of the piece but gives the general idea-

Artist Impression
An early design idea for the instillation

However, these planes will not be painted in the usual camouflage greens and browns that you would expect to find on a Spitfire; instead we want them to stand out! The group split into pairs to choose an eye catching colour for their planes. Before spray painting, however, each plane had to be prepped by removing the protective cover and sanding the edges.

Getting The Planes Ready For Painting
Getting the planes ready for painting

Then it was time to spray! Some took on a vibrant red-

Red Planes

Some will be pink-

Pink Planes

And others different shades of blue!

Blue Planes

As well as being visually attractive the planes will also carry out a very important function. The inspirations behind the piece are the 'hidden stories' that connect the Spitfire to other objects in the collection. The planes will form a physical link between the objects, inviting visitors to follow the trail and uncover the stories that connect them. This week spray painting continues as well as assembly of the central sculpture that forms the hub of the piece. Check back for further updates!

Hidden Stories will be on display at Thinktank from March - September 2015, on Level 1 of the museum. Entry is free to Thinktank ticket holders.