15 Jun 2020

How to BioBlitz!

Nature is taking over! So here are a few tips on how to get involved. 

As we are spending more time in our homes nature is getting to take over our cities, this is our chance to get involved in environmental science and record what is happening. You don’t need any fancy equipment or specialist skills, just a keen eye!

Please remember not to disturb the wildlife sharing your outdoor spaces, always return animals and insects to where you found them (with all of their legs still attached!)

Member of staff looking at flowers in the Science Garden at Thinktank


Go out into your garden and record all the wildlife you find. Our own garden is a habitat we know best but also the most under-studied. Collect useful biological data and discover the plants and animals that you share your home with.
Write a list, upload the information to the iNaturalist or Seek by iNaturalist App and make a scientific drawing. For the little ones make your own mud pie or nature artwork using leaves, stone, twigs or anything you find.
Then encourage more wildlife into your garden by planting wildflowers or by making a bug hotel.


No garden? Head out onto your balcony or look through a window, record what you can see: trees, plants, birds etc. Again take photos, make a sketch and upload the information to the iNaturalist or Seek by iNaturalist App. For the little ones play I-spy, can they spot a blackbird or pigeon? An Oak Tree or Beech Hedge? Dandelions or Daisy?

Encourage wildlife to your door (or windowsill): find a plant pot and plant flowers that attract insects or hang a bird feeder.

On a walk

Choose a route you regularly take and record as you go, remember you are writing down all of the wildlife you spot. Every time you take this same route add to your BioBlitz to build up a local data resource. For the little ones again you could play I-spy or identify different shapes and colours of the wildlife you find.

How to share your discoveries

Share your discoveries and questions WITH US on social media! We would love to know what you have found and see your photos, sketches or ideas to encourage wildlife into your home.

Please tag us on:

If you would like us to add the photos to social media for you please email them to and let us know where the photo was taken and what species you have found (don’t worry if you are not sure, we will try and help). It’s important you get permission from anyone shown in your images before sharing with us.

We would love to build up a gallery of discoveries online using the #BigBrumBioblitz hastag.