27 Oct 2015

Taking on Tours

Ignite is Birmingham Museum Trust’s Young People’s Forum for 16-24 year olds and though we have not written a blog post about them for a while, that doesn't mean they haven’t been busy! Ignite began nearly 3 years ago based initially at Thinktank with many successful projects and outputs such as this film with Sir Mark Walport, the Government Science Advisor. They also produced this unique art instillation in response to the Spitfire aircraft displayed in Thinktank.

However, this summer Ignite moved over to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to expand their engagement with the Trust and work on projects relating to art and history. Their first project idea, generated by the group, has been to develop new tours of the gallery that they will lead.

The process has involved researching the varied collections on display in the museum, that range from fine art to archaeology, to choose the topics that mean something to them. They also watched other tour guides at the museum to get some ideas of how it’s done!

Taking a tour of the Pre-Raphaelite gallery
Taking a tour of the Pre-Raphaelite Gallery
Researching their tours
Hard at work researching their tours!

Soon their hard work will begin to pay off as in celebration of National Takeover Day Ignite will be launching their four new tours - Exploring Egypt, A Peak into Birmingham History, Baroque Brushstrokes and Women and the Pre-Raphaelites. Each tour has been written, researched and will be led by Ignite members giving a unique view of the museum from the perspective of young people.

A practice tour
A practice run…

You are very welcome to join us on November 21st to see Ignite in action!