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27 Jul 2018

Inspire 18 Now Open!

We were delighted to launch the Inspire 18 exhibition of Youth Artwork on Saturday in a fabulous celebration evening. 

We were so pleased to be able to present prizes to our ultimate winner, 10 year old Charlie, and the wonderful runner’s up and highly commended artists.

Inspire 2018 1

Inspire 2018 3

In our third year of running Inspire we received a record 401 entries! 

The competition was open to children and young people aged 5-19 years old living in the West Midlands region. This year budding artists were asked to respond to the theme of “We Heart ❤Colour!” through any medium of artwork, even lego!

Inspire 2018 2

The judging panel were blown away by the diverse interpretation of the word ‘colour’. Key themes of skin colour, colour in the natural world and the Pride flag colours stood out as collective sources of inspiration. 

Unfortunately we can never hope to display everyone’s art but this year there was one particular work that we will always think of as ‘the one that got away’. Jessica, aged 7.5, worked long and hard at her incredible artwork, staying up late the night before the deadline, only for us, sadly, not to receive it (technology, pah!). So we’d like to showcase it here and say a huge thank you and WELL DONE to Jessica and all our Inspire artists. 

Inspire 2018 6

Inspire 2018 5

The exhibition will be open until November so plenty of time to come and visit!