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1 Nov 2021

Join our Youth Engagement Structure

Birmingham Museums are recruiting a diverse range of young people aged 16 - 25 to Influence Change and develop essential skills by Becoming a part of Birmingham Museums Trust NEW Youth Engagement Structure (YES).

This initiative was created in collaboration with Don’t Settle and aims to increase youth engagement by assisting Birmingham Museums to create more engaging, accessible spaces where young people can share their stories and challenge the lack of representation across BMT sites. This initiative will commit to providing the YES members opportunities for both personal growth and skills development. This is an EPIC opportunity!

Find out more below:

Birmingham Museum Trusts Youth Engagement Structure

This is your chance to influence the way decisions are made at one of the most prominent museum services in the UK, Birmingham Museums Trust, by applying for a once in a lifetime PAID opportunity.

Don’t Settle is collaborating with Birmingham Museums to introduce a PAID opportunity for young people who wish to make meaningful change in the heritage sector. Young people will gain experience by being members of Birmingham Museums Youth Engagement Structure.


This Youth Engagement Structure aims to increase youth engagement by assisting Birmingham Museums to create more inviting, engaging and accessible spaces where young people can share their stories, experiences, and personal views. We also want the YES members to challenge the lack of representation across Birmingham Museums sites and work towards the creation of spaces that not only acknowledge the contributions from People of Colour and share more authentic and positive narratives about these communities.

On top of this, we commit to providing the YES members opportunities for both personal growth and skills development. We cannot stress how much of an EPIC opportunity this is for you!


We are looking for 6 -10 diverse young people between the ages of 16 - 25 with a passion for the arts, heritage or community development to become a part of the team that will support Birmingham Museums to make meaningful change. We encourage people from different backgrounds, cultures or underrepresented groups to apply.


What you get

  • A fee of £500 to be paid in two instalments throughout the programme.
  • A commitment of Birmingham Museums staff to provide professional references throughout.
  • Develop essential skills that you can add to your CV.
  • Gain experience of working collaboratively within a decision-making structure in Birmingham Museums
  • Pastoral care/support.
  • Meet like-minded young people who share similar passions of inclusivity and representation, therefore broadening your social network.
  • An expansion of your professional network through Birmingham Museums, and Beatfreeks teams.
  • Other perks such as ‘behind the scene’ access to heritage sites, exhibitions, Birmingham Museums programmes.

What you give

  • Your unique insights, lived experience and perspectives.
  • A commitment to this project to be spread throughout the next 6 months.
  • Participate in online training workshops to develop knowledge about the sector, decision-making, self-development, and understanding better how Birmingham Museums work.
  • You will be expected to attend meetings with the other members of YES.
  • Enthusiasm for making impactful change in the heritage sector.
  • Respect for people’s different experiences, cultures, and backgrounds.

Where and When

The skill development workshops will be online, but you will also have in-person tours and other meetings at different Birmingham Museums sites, such as the Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum.

How to Apply

Deadline: Applications are due at 12pm Tuesday 23rd November.

Please visit Beatfreeks website and fill in the online application form to submit your application.

If you prefer, you can answer the questions in a video format and send a video to eugene@beatfreeks.com

Due to the nature of the project, we strongly encourage applications from those who face and experience racism and belong to communities that are broadly excluded or misrepresented in heritage spaces.

Interviews will take place in the week beginning 29th November. If you are invited for an interview, you will be provided with interview questions beforehand.