21 May 2020

Life on Lockdown:
Collecting the Birmingham story

Your stories are precious and need to be shared.

We are in a unique moment in history, where generations to come will reminisce on how the country came together to save lives. Our lives have been turned upside down as streets have emptied, shops and schools have closed, and families are separated. At the same time, many people are remembering what we value in our lives: finding new ways to connect with friends, families and neighbours; celebrating shared events such as Easter, Ramadan or VE Day while apart; and taking a moment to think about our key workers and those we have lost during this pandemic. At the Museum, we recognise the importance of capturing these stories, and we want to hear from you how Birmingham and its people have lived through this moment in history.

Birmingham Museums is launching a new project ‘Life on Lockdown’, so we can work together as people of the city to help create a record of these times.

Together, let’s capture this moment in history that the world is facing, and share the stories of our city and its people.

As we try to adapt to this changing world, we share a common challenge, regardless of our age, background, ethnicity or what we do for a living. We have all had to find unique ways to work together to make life better for ourselves and everyone around us.

Our city is celebrated for, and proud of, its diversity and we want you to share these stories of challenge and hope, so that we can reflect as a community on each other’s experiences, and hear from people we may never otherwise get to know.

We would love you to play a part in this and it’s really easy to do.

It’s really simple to do and you already have the tools to capture these moments in your pocket! To help you, we have created two ways for you to share with us.

Rainbow and Please keep 2 metre apart

1. Share your images of lockdown

Email or share a picture and comment from your computer, tablet or mobile phone to help us start collecting your images of life in lockdown. Let us know where in the city the photo was taken, and what it means to you and feel free to use whichever language you prefer.

If you have a photo you’d like to share, you can email it to or tag us on Twitter @BMTEngage with #BrumLockdownStories.

2. Record and share your stories

Conversation, chats, or even interviews are so important in recording our experiences. You can use mobile phones, tablets or computers to do this, have a play around with your devices first.

You can record a sound file, or if you are feeling really techy; have a go at recording a story or conversation via video. This can be done on many devices and you can record Zoom or Houseparty calls too - the choice is yours! We’d love to hear your stories, however you choose to tell them. We’ve put together some tips for getting the most out of your recording (PDF), but we’d love to hear your experiences, however you capture them!

Use whichever language you prefer for your recording, we want YOUR voice and your stories. Over time we will be able to add subtitles to videos to make them even more accessible.

Email us a sound or video file to that we can collect and share. Please do get permission from anyone shown in your images or videos before sharing them with us, and please submit works that are your copyright (this includes images and music).

See the images our city is sharing on our Life on Lockdown Flickr page.

Help us celebrate the energy and diversity of our city and capture what is happening in your life on lockdown. Let’s make history!