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30 Sep 2021

Our Climate Pledge

The world is facing a monumental climate change crisis and everyone at Birmingham Museums Trust has a responsibility to devote as much passion and energy to protecting the environment as we do to preserving Birmingham’s collections and historic buildings.

Today we are sharing the action we are taking by unveiling Our Climate Pledge.

As an organisation we are committed to reducing our total emissions and to get to net zero by 2040. If, however, on our journey we discover new ways to do it quicker – we will!

This is just the beginning. We’ve already introduced a number of measures and we have plans and targets in place to do more – you can read our full pledge here:

We’re going to be working with others too – partners, suppliers and service providers. We also want to inspire you to take action. At Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum, we’ve just added a fascinating new additional display to the Our Changing Planet gallery that looks at climate change, sustainable living and what we, as well as young people across the city, are doing to help tackle the climate crisis.

Most of all this is about what we can do together to address this worrying situation. If you have any ideas and suggestions for further things that we can be doing please get in touch at

Let’s be bold and take collective action to tackle climate change!