1 Oct 2015

Sarehole Mill Gardeners

For the garden lovers amongst you, Sarehole Mill may already be a favourite haunt. If you’re yet to explore the gardens of Sarehole – you are missing a trick, but don’t worry, there is still time before Winter settles in. The gardens at all our sites are free to access and if you visit Sarehole Mill at any time of the year then you’re in for a real treat.

Sarehole Mill

Since 2010 our incredible Head Gardener, Viv, has been creating magic around the mill pond. Back then there were no gardens to be seen at the mill, but thanks to Viv and the team that’s all changed. Sarehole Mill now have a fantastic team of garden volunteers, some of whom are pictured below and they all work tirelessly, come rain or shine, to get the gardens looking their best.

Some of the volunteer gardeners at Sarehole Mill

Now, year on year, the gardens look so fantastic that the Britain in Bloom judging often begins at the mill and we are keeping our fingers firmly crossed for the 2015 results in October.

A garden path at Sarehole Mill

As we head towards the Autumn months the garden team are working on keeping the evergreens trimmed, deadheading the plants, collecting seeds to replant, dividing plants and generally keeping everything in check now that the summer, or rather the attempt at summer that we had this year, is coming to a close.

Pruning hedges at Sarehole Mill

Right now the apples are ready to be picked and the wildlife is flourishing. If you keep the noise down as you’re walking around the mill pond you’ll be in with a chance of seeing ducks and even some exceptionally graceful grey herons.

Picking apples at Sarehole Mill

It’s not just wildlife that you’ll find when you explore the gardens. Keep your eyes peeled as you’re walking and you won’t be disappointed, there are lots of hidden gems to spot.

Wooden scuplture at Sarehole Mill

We’re incredibly lucky to have such a committed, knowledgeable and dedicated garden volunteer team as Museum Team Manager Wayne well knows; “None of this would be possible without the volunteers, they come to the Mill in all weathers and their devotion is what has made the gardens what they are today”.

Some of the volunteer gardeners at Sarehole Mill

So we’d like to say a big thank you to our fantastic team – we are so grateful for your hard work!

You can visit the gardens from 12pm - 3:45pm on Wednesday through to Sunday for free, but if you visit on Wednesdays or Sundays you’ll also have the pleasure of seeing the Millers in action in the Mill itself (admission charges apply to enter the mill). See Sarehole Mill for details.