13 Oct 2015

Seasonal Workshops at Birmingham Museums

This Autumn term, bring your class on a special trip to celebrate Halloween, Bonfire Night or Christmas!

Seasonal workshops include:

Ghostly Tales 

Hear spooky stories as you explore this haunted house equipped with dowsing rods. The session is ideal for the S.P.O.O.C.S topic. Available at Aston Hall during October - December.

Christmas in the 17th Century

Learn about traditional food and decorations, perform a Jacobean dance and make a pomander to take back to school.Available at Aston Hall during October - December.

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plotters 

In this interactive drama, learn why and how Guy Fawkes planned the attack on the Houses of Parliament. Available at Blakesley Hall during November.

An Elizabethan Christmas

See the hall decked for Christmas and find out about festive foods, toys and games from the past. Available at Blakesley Hall during December.

To book

Contact the Education Bookings Team on 0121 348 8001 or email  to find out more.