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9 May 2016

Stories that should be shared

My name is Charlotte; I work as a Community Engagement Officer on the Collecting Birmingham Project. Since joining the team I’ve been out and about speaking to lots of people about their Birmingham stories. 

It’s been an absolute pleasure, discussing what it was really like growing up, living and working in Birmingham. I’ve learnt about playing on the ‘bomb peck’, about Sikh worker’s campaign for the right to wear the turban, and made the shocking realisation that my own memories of hanging out in Paradise Forum as a teenager are all part of our city’s history.

It’s also been great working on the first project exhibition Collecting Birmingham; stories that need to be shared , which opened at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter in April 2016.

Collecting Birmingham exhibition at Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

This exhibition showcases wonderful object collected by local people, and tells of their experiences of working in Ladywood, Aston, Nechells and Soho. The display has only been made possible due to generous donations and community support, so thank you for all your help so far.

Stories that should be shared features unusual objects from some of the City’s landmark buildings. Discover what it was like working in Winson Green Prison, the Grand Hotel or the HP factory through objects collected by local people.

Winson Green Prison

Winson Green Prison Cell Door

Find out about Freda Cocks, a pub landlady who became Birmingham’s first female Lord Mayor or Doris Buford who ran her own Hair Salon in Ladywood.

Hair Salon in Ladywood

Collecting Birmingham exhibition at Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

The Collecting Birmingham team has worked with members of the community to develop this exhibition. It offers a snapshot into what was it really like earning a living in Birmingham over the last 60 years; however there are many more stories to be shared.

Collecting Birmingham Community Engagement

Over the coming months we will be holding events to further explore what it was really like working in Birmingham, and how the workplace has changed. If you have a story or object that can help us tell this story, please contact:
T. 0121 348 8192