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17 Jul 2020

The Caretakers:
Gum Kenth at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

With museums and galleries closed to the public, and staff at home, these buildings have become quiet, solitary spaces over the last four months. The Caretakers is a six-part audio series that takes us inside the locked museums with the people who have been looking after them. In this episode, Museum Manager Gum Kenth reflects on the gallery that she describes as "the soul of the museum".

The Caretakers Part 6 - Gum at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

You can download the transcript of the audio.

All six episodes have a particular emphasis on an object, chosen as significant to them by each of the staff members. 

The Caretakers project was developed by artist Eloise Moody and supported by arts organisation Metal. It offers a rare look at the staff maintaining buildings and collections amid the coronavirus crisis. Listeners are given a sneak peek of their beloved buildings and collections, ahead of the gradual reopening of the sector following lockdown.

Six museums and galleries across England are participating. You can find links to all the previous episodes below.

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Part 5 John at Pitt Rivers

Find out more about the The Caretakers project in the press release.