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6 Apr 2016

Women of Faith Evening

To celebrate International Women’s Day last month Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery held a very special event focusing on women and their faith practice. The event was created by working in partnership with two other organisations, the CoED Foundation and Near Neighbours , both of whom work to bring people together through compassion and understanding. Billed as ‘An evening of conversation, food and friendship-building for Women of Faith in Birmingham’, the event aimed to raise awareness of the importance of women, and the contribution women have made to religions throughout history and Birmingham today.

We began with food, drinks and informal tours of the new Faith in Birmingham gallery  accompanied by lovely music from musician Susie Minnear. The main event of the evening then featured short talks by six women from a variety of faith backgrounds on the topic, ‘Women that have inspired/shaped my faith journey’. Read More...

1 Jul 2015

Building the Baroque Galleries

After nearly two-years of hard work, the new Baroque galleries at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery (BMAG) are finally open! A project made possible thanks to the National Gallery Curatorial Traineeship, supported by the Art Fund with assistance from the Vivmar Foundation. 


22 Jun 2015

Faith in Birmingham: A New Gallery

Here at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery we have recently started work on an exciting new project. Opening in February 2016, Faith in Birmingham will create a new gallery exploring the range of faiths practised in the city. We say opening in a loose sense, as the gallery will actually evolve more organically than that over the next 6 months.

Birmingham is one of the most diverse cities in Europe. According to the 2011 Census, just over 70% of the city’s population indicated an adherence to a religion. The faiths that are represented in the city include some that are lesser known such as Baha’ism, Jainism and Rastafari to name but a few. In our first year the gallery will focus on the six faiths with the largest representation; Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism. However, objects will change over the following two years to incorporate all the other religions, ambitions but possible! Read More...

9 Jun 2015

New photography for Baroque Masterpiece

My name is Helen and I am the National Gallery Curatorial Trainee, supported by the Art Fund. I am currently involved in a project to research and rehang Birmingham Museums Trust’s fantastic collection of 17th century European art. The new galleries are set to open in just under two weeks, and in preparation for this we have re-photographed key pieces from our collection. 


2 Jun 2015

Soldier Stories Evaluation

Hi, we're Sarah and Claire and we've been spending our time as volunteers at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (BMAG) evaluating the First World War exhibition, Soldier Stories. The exhibition brings together objects from the BMAG collections, as well as loans from Royal Warwickshire Regiment collector Dave Vaux. From 1914-1918, the Royal Warwickshire Regiment raised 30 battalions of soldiers, who served in France, Belgium and Italy as well as Gallipoli and Mesopotamia.


25 Mar 2015

The Gas Hall and Waterhall

Visitors to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery often ask us about the origins of the exhibition spaces known as Gas Hall and Water Hall. In recognition of Museum Week I am going to explain the histories of these beautiful Victorian and Edwardian buildings.

By the 1870s, Birmingham had reached the peak of its prosperity, and there were 33 municipal gas undertakings in the country. In 1874 the Mayor, Joseph Chamberlain, persuaded the Council to vote by a huge majority in favour of buying the companies out. An Act of Parliament in July 1875 authorised the deal and the Birmingham Corporation Gas Committee was set up. Read More...

26 Feb 2015

A Day in the Life of a Volunteer

I have been working at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (BMAG) as a member of the Visitor Assistant Team for almost three years. After completing my undergraduate degree in Art History it was exciting to start work in a building that houses such a magnificent fine art collection. That is why I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer with Victoria Osborne, Fine Art Curator at Birmingham Museums Trust. 

The role is one day a week, which fits in with my rather busy schedule (in addition to working at BMAG I work at Research and Cultural Collections at the University of Birmingham as Exhibitions Assistant, as well as currently studying for my MA in Art History) and so far I have learnt a great deal. Read More...