27 Apr 2018

Collecting Birmingham: Mrs Eunice McGhie-Belgrave MBE

I am Paramjit Sehmi and I have been volunteering for Collecting Birmingham archiving and documenting some amazing acquisitions.
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23 Aug 2017

Collecting Paradise: Memories of Birmingham Central Library

In June, Birmingham Museum’s Collecting Birmingham Team met in the lounge of the Wellington Pub to collect memories of Birmingham city centre’s now demolished Paradise Forum complex, including the iconic Central Library.
28 Jun 2017

Donald Rodney Consultation

I have passed Donald Rodney’s work Land of Milk and Honey II many times on my visits to Birmingham Museum and felt incredibly proud to have an artist from the city I grew up and a black artist exhibit in a world class museum.
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9 May 2016

Stories that should be shared

My name is Charlotte; I work as a Community Engagement Officer on the Collecting Birmingham Project.
13 Jan 2016

Collecting Birmingham: Soho

Hi everyone! My name is Courtney and I'm the Soho Ambassador for the Collecting Birmingham project.
14 Dec 2015

Collecting Birmingham: Aston

Hi everyone my name is Manahil and I’m a volunteer working on the Collecting Birmingham project.
9 Nov 2015

Can You Help? Share Your Stories…

In a blog post in September, we invited Birmingham people to come and have their say about the objects Birmingham Museums should be collecting.
12 Oct 2015

Meet our Collecting Birmingham Ambassadors

As the Collecting Birmingham project builds momentum we are delighted to be able to introduce four new members of our volunteer team; our Collecting Birmingham Ambassadors!.
4 Sep 2015

Collecting Birmingham: Have Your Say!

In a blog post last month we introduced Birmingham Museums’ Collecting Birmingham project  and today we would love to invite you to take part! .
7 Aug 2015

Introducing Collecting Birmingham

Birmingham Museums recently launched an exciting new project: Collecting Birmingham.