25 Feb 2016

Volunteering with Ignite

Hello all, my name’s Rebecca and for the past seven months I have been a part of Birmingham Museums’ Youth Forum, Ignite.
27 Oct 2015

Ignite: Taking on Tours

Ignite is Birmingham Museum Trust’s Young People’s Forum for 16-24 year olds and though we have not written a blog post about them for a while, that doesn't mean they haven’t been busy! Ignite began nearly 3 years ago based initially at Thinktank with many successful projects and outputs such as this film with Sir Mark Walport, the Government Science Advisor.
26 Mar 2015

Hidden Stories: Takes to the Skies

In our third and final instalment it is time to show you Hidden Stories on display! If you’ve been following the blog you’ll know that Thinktank's Young People's Forum, Ignite, have been working on, an art instillation called Hidden Stories, linking together some of the connections between the Spitfire aeroplane and other historic items on display at Thinktank.
Img 0717
19 Feb 2015

Hidden Stories: Creating Spitfires

A few weeks ago I introduced the latest project that Thinktank's Young People's Forum, Ignite, are working on, an art instillation called Hidden Stories.
26 Jan 2015

Hidden Stories

Having delivered a wonderful Teen Takeover Day in November Ignite, Thinktank’s Young People’s Forum, have recently been working on an exciting project that ties in with the new Spitfire Gallery, opening in March.