20 Aug 2019

The MiniBrum Museum: A Museum Completely Curated by Children

The MiniBrum gallery provides an inspiring environment for children to explore and question their understanding of the world around them. Through play, the city gives children the confidence to think like scientists in a real-life context: to test their ideas, to problem solve and to create. The main ethos behind Minibrum is that it is created with children for children and we have worked with over 800 people from schools, families and community groups to design each zone of our city. 

The MiniBrum museum, designed by Henley Montessori school, provides an inspiring example of co-production. From choosing their favourite objects, to designing models and engaging interactions, the children have led and been involved in all aspects of the design; everything you can see and do within the museum has been created in response to their ideas! Helen Everley, Head Teacher at Henley Montessori School said, “The finished museum is a replica of the children’s original designs and ideas, testimony to the whole process they were involved in. An opportunity that none of them will fully realise the significance in their education until they are older.” Read More...