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27 Jul 2016

BMAG Pokémon Hunt

A couple of weeks ago I started playing Pokémon Go along with a few of my colleagues. We were immediately hooked and weren’t surprised when it began to make news headlines around the world. The game uses GPS to allow you to explore real world locations looking for virtual Pokémon which you can then catch and collect. It also utilises your phone’s camera to make those virtual creatures appear in the real world. It was this feature that really appealed to us at the museum and the idea to run a Pokémon event within the building was born.

The museum has a number of advantages for people who want to play the game. We have several in game PokeStops located around our building which players can use to replenish their supplies or place lures. One of these stops is our own bridge (the rather amusingly titled ‘Antiquated transport link’). Another major advantage we have is free WiFi throughout the building so players don’t have to eat into their mobile data. We also provide a safe environment for people to play. This is important as one concern that has been raised about the game is the issue of child safety and that the game could be used to lure people into danger. Hopefully by playing within the museum we can allow people to focus on the fun aspects of the game. Our aim was to come up with an event that could take advantage of these assets and get as many people as possible interacting with the galleries in a new way. My colleague, Edd Thomas, and I were tasked with putting together this event. Read More...