1 Oct 2015

Sarehole Mill Gardeners

For the garden lovers amongst you, Sarehole Mill may already be a favourite haunt. If you’re yet to explore the gardens of Sarehole – you are missing a trick, but don’t worry, there is still time before Winter settles in. The gardens at all our sites are free to access and if you visit Sarehole Mill at any time of the year then you’re in for a real treat.


3 Feb 2015

Waterwheel Restoration at Sarehole Mill

The waterwheel at Sarehole Mill, is suffering from the ravages of time. Its timbers are perishing, the buckets are leaking, and in some areas, non-existent. Consequently power to drive the grinding stones is being lost. Total replacement, is therefore essential, to keep the mill going as a working mill.

A small group of us volunteer millers offered to undertake the necessary repairs. However before we were let loose on the wheel we were given a days instruction on how to replace the buckets. This was given by two experienced millers, John Bedington and Mick Forbes. They showed how to remove old timbers and replace them and importantly they reminded us of the necessary health and safety requirements. Read More...