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12 Sep 2018

Being a Museum Insider

I joined the Community Engagement team at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (BMAG) in what was an extremely busy week for any museum team, days before an exhibition launch.
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9 May 2018

Story LAB 2 - The Shaping of an Exhibition

How do you attempt to define as broad a theme as “Body Image”? The answer turns out to be not so much defining it but combining ideas between the collaborative minds of 8 people, each with their own unique interpretations and ready to bring refreshing perspectives to light.
29 Mar 2018

Disposable Cameras – Rejection of Perfection?

I am what they call a millennial.
9 Mar 2018

Story LAB 2 - Body Image and Identity

Nestled between the Edward Burne-Jones and 18th century galleries is the Story LAB, a gallery created for testing storylines and methodologies for co curation and collaboration here at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.