22 Oct 2018

Pangolins: The World's Most Illegally Traded Mammal

Head into the Wildlife Gallery at Thinktank and you will find some wonderful examples of animal life.
Img 0274%20sinclair%20c5%20at%20thinktank
10 May 2017

Sinclair C5 at Thinktank

The 1980s produced some wonderful inventions such as the walk man, the first Mobile Phone and the Space Shuttle, but it also produced some that seemed destined for failure.
17 Sep 2015

The Overlooked Fighter

75 years ago the Battle of Britain was at its fiercest.
25 Aug 2015

Fish School

Thinktank on a week day morning in term time is an exciting, hectic, nerve jangling place to be.
14 May 2015

Take part in research at Thinktank over half term

Here at Thinktank we are committed to contributing to and supporting research lead by our local Universities.
26 Mar 2015

Hidden Stories: Takes to the Skies

In our third and final instalment it is time to show you Hidden Stories on display! If you’ve been following the blog you’ll know that Thinktank's Young People's Forum, Ignite, have been working on, an art instillation called Hidden Stories, linking together some of the connections between the Spitfire aeroplane and other historic items on display at Thinktank.