23 Mar 2021

Volunteer Views: The Tommy & Grace of Aston Hall

This pair of portraits is of a very handsome couple, Sir Thomas Holte (1571-1654) 1st Baronet of Aston Hall and Grace Bradbourne, wife of Thomas Holte.
15 Mar 2021

Volunteering During Lockdown

My name is Rachel, and I have been volunteering with Birmingham Museum Trust for three years.
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8 Mar 2021

Volunteer Views: The Nine Worthies

The frieze in the Great Dining Room at Aston Hall has always captured my interest.
1 Mar 2021

Volunteer Views: Dragonflies

Hi everyone, back in August and September last year I shared a little bit about my experiences of exploring nature and photographing butterflies and birds in My Big Brum BioBlitz  and My Big Brum BioBlitz Take Two  blog posts.
15 Feb 2021

Volunteer Views: St Andrew Praying before his Martyrdom

I was so very excited to return to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (BMAG) as a visitor when it reopened in October for a month, the visit confirmed for me that my favourite space is most definitely still the 17th Art Gallery.
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25 Aug 2020

Volunteer Views: Digital Encounters During Lockdown

For many of us, lockdown has been a time of digital discovery, and volunteers on the Artist Research Team have been online too investigating the personalities behind works in Birmingham’s collection.
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22 Jun 2020

Volunteer Views: The Commonwealth Graves Lockdown Project 2

As you will have seen in our previous blog post we have been on a journey to visiting different Commonwealth War Graves sites around Lichfield which has led us to wonder what stories these stones could tell.
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19 Jun 2020

Volunteer Views: The Commonwealth Graves Lockdown Project 1

One solitary gravestone, in a quiet churchyard, was to mark the beginning of a lockdown journey of discovery.
6 Jun 2020

Volunteer Views: Arts and Crafts and Modernism in Glass by Florence Camm

One of the stars of the Industrial Gallery and especially popular with Pre-Raphaelite fans visiting Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, is the trio of Dante and Beatrice stained-glass windows by Florence Camm (1911), this exemplar of her beautifully detailed figure painting received international recognition.
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5 Jun 2020

Volunteer Views: The Sidereal Clock

One of my favourite objects in the Birmingham collection is the Sidereal Clock (sometimes called astronomical clock) by Matthew Boulton and John Fothergill.